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What are the qualities of a human resource mangement program that bring about success?    Awaken your giant power and self-identification (or love)within yourself.

***We give lectures based on our unique Performance Learning®method.

1.Top Management
2.Legal Sense and Hospitality Mind
3.Professional Successors & Mentoring
4.Professional Diamond Management
5.Global Management Communication
6.Professional Ladies Sales
7.Professional Sales Skills
8.Performance Management®
9.Career Management
10.Professional Management - The Global NLPtm
11.Business Communication
12.Professional Coaching Development

Special Area Shingapore and New York  :  NLPtm(Neuro-Linguistic Programmingtm)

* NLPtm Practionar course  --- Japanese and English

* NLPtm Master Practionar course ---  Japanese and English

* Global Getting Management Programtm - Top Management innovation Semiar

※ E-LearningACorrespondence course, feedback coaching system.

ENGLISH TOP > Consultant Training Program
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